You can be a success without the sacrifice.

  • Stop burnout before it starts.
  • Reclaim hours of every day.
  • Get more done in less time.
  • Spend more time on the things that matter most.

What are we giving up for the grind?

I used to think the only way I’d ever really succeed was if I worked twice as hard and twice as long as everyone else.

And for years, I did exactly that. I worked 70–90-hour weeks. I answered emails at 3am. I walked out of dinners with friends to take calls for work.

I thought this was normal. I thought working crazy hours was required if I wanted an above-average career.

I was really, really wrong.

I felt trapped by my career. I felt like I had to sacrifice everything now for the sake of my future.

And, sure, I was seeing progress at work — but the rest of my life was in shambles.

I rarely saw my friends and family. I was chronically overtired. I was gaining weight. And then it got scary: my beard started falling out in clumps.

I needed to make a change — and fast.

When my body literally started falling apart from the stress of my job, I had to face up to a hard truth: all of this hard work and sacrifice wouldn’t be worth much if I wasn’t healthy enough to enjoy it later.

I got serious about controlling my time. I started taking care of myself. I was ready to damage my career if it meant I could be healthy and happy again.

After I made the changes, I braced myself for the consequences.

But something strange happened: I started getting more done.

My business grew. I doubled my income. I was doing better work than ever before. It seemed impossible, but somehow working fewer hours made me more productive.

You can build an incredible career without sacrificing your health.

The steps I followed can work for anyone, and I want to show you how I did it. For free. No gimmicks, no sneaky upsells, and no bullshit — I just want you to be happy, healthy, and successful.

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