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I’ve spent 2 years living abroad in Airbnbs. Here’s what I’ve learned.

Living & Working Remotely

In 2014, I claimed travel is not only possible, but cheaper, healthier, & more productive than living at home. 2 years & 13 countries later — was I right?

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Are you working in your “Goldilocks Zone”? Or are you headed for burnout?

If you don’t get enough done? You feel like shit. Work too much? You feel like shit. How can you stay happy and avoid burnout? Find the Goldilocks Zone.

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1 Year Abroad: What a Year Without a Country Has Taught Me

A year ago I sold everything and left the country. Since then, I’ve realized I had quite a few things wrong about the world. And one or two things right.

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How to Sell Without Selling

For many freelancers, selling is the worst part of the job. Fortunately, the kind of selling that sucks most isn’t actually required to get new clients.

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How I Freelance from Anywhere in the World: Audio Interview

I got grilled by a guy looking to become location-independent: how I built my skill set, how I get clients, and how I overcome the challenges of distance.

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How to Use Airbnb Like a Pro: Save Money & Avoid Surprises

With a couple simple tricks, you can find the perfect place for long stays on Airbnb: one that feels like home and probably costs a lot less than you think.

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How to Avoid Paying Foreign Transaction Fees While Traveling

If you’re new to travel, you may not know that banks can charge fees for using your money outside the United States. They can. And those fees add up fast.

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How to Tell Your Loved Ones You’re Leaving

If you’re planning to leave the country, it’s not just yourself you have to consider. How do you prepare your family and friends for your departure?

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Travel Essentials: Understanding How Visas Work

If you’re planning travel outside your home country, you’re going to have to know what visas are and how they work. Here’s a crash-course on travel visas.

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Travel Essentials: How to Set Up a Mobile Phone Abroad

If you’re traveling outside your home country for an extended period, you’ll need to set up a mobile phone. Fortunately, it’s not hard. (Or expensive.)

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