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I’ve spent 2 years living abroad in Airbnbs. Here’s what I’ve learned.

Living & Working Remotely

In 2014, I claimed travel is not only possible, but cheaper, healthier, & more productive than living at home. 2 years & 13 countries later — was I right?

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1 Year Abroad: What a Year Without a Country Has Taught Me

A year ago I sold everything and left the country. Since then, I’ve realized I had quite a few things wrong about the world. And one or two things right.

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Fake problems: slaying dragons, and why maybe we shouldn’t.

If we’re looking for them, there are always bigger, more challenging problems to tackle. But are we making anything better by fighting these battles?

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Today I flew to Milan, Italy, to kick off a full year of living and working remotely. So how did I feel? I didn’t feel much of anything. Which worried me.

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Homeless on Purpose: An Experiment in Travel and Working Remotely

How I plan to travel for a full year in Europe without a home address while tackling my bucket list, working remotely, saving money, and NOT paying taxes.

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