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Why you should never feel guilty about “wasting time”.

Staying Motivated

If you worry that trying new ideas might be “wasted time”, consider this: I lived in a van and wore eyeliner for two years — and I owe my career to it.

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I Want Out: What to Do When We Feel Stuck and We Want to Start Over

What to do when we find ourselves feeling stuck or without a clear sense of direction. HINT: We don’t necessarily need to burn it all down and start over.

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Am I Wasting My Time on the Wrong Goals?

“Is this the best use of my time?” It seems responsible to ask — but if we’re not careful, it’s a dangerous question that wastes more time than it saves.

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How to Overcome All Your Fears Without Being Brave

Most of our fears are irrational, but we can overcome them with one simple technique. No heroics required.

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Completely Alone at a Table of Friends

It’s fun to be connected. To stay on top of the goings-on in the world. But what’s the price for cultural relevance? And is it worth the sacrifice?

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How to Have It All: Living for Now AND Later

We’ve all heard that it takes “hard work and sacrifice” to get where we want to go. But do our sacrifices actually get us closer to what we want in life?

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